CLEM-00002 Bench, Measuring Systems & Pulling System Training


Target group:
Advanced technicians who have been working with Car-O-Liner equipment. This course meets the US I-CAR Structural ProLevel 2 course requirement equivalent for Introduction to Three-Dimensional Measuring – ST055E01.

Previous Training:

  • CLEM-00007 Basic Electronic Measuring In-Shop Training
  • CLEM-00008 Basic Frame Bench In-Shop Training

This course is an Advanced course for in-depth theory and understanding of the Car-O-Liner Measuring System and Benchrack. The course includes instruction and hands-on exercises using the computerized system to measure both lower and upper body structures as well as the tips and processes used for diagnosis of structural problems as they relate to collision repairs.
After completion of the training, the technician will be able to properly and safely identify and demonstrate an advanced understanding and usage of the Car-O-Liner Measuring system and components.


  • Bench Rack or Quick42
  • Draw aligner
  • Electronic measuring system Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X3
  • EVO 1-3, truck kit
  • Damaged vehicle


  • Two full days, 16 hours at a Car-O-Liner Approved Training Facility



  • The safety overview will include information on personal protective equipment (PPE) and an in-depth overview of the measuring slide and cabinet to protect the equipment from damage and debris and how to operate the measuring equipment and components safely

Theory and practice:

  • This course will give the attendee an understanding of three-dimensional measuring and how it relates to collision repair.
  • This course will review what types of repairs are most appropriate for the Car-O-Liner equipment.
  • The course will cover how to properly and safely use the Draw Aligner with the frame alignment system.
  • The attendee will learn how Car-O-Liner develops its data sheets and the different components of a Car-O-Liner data sheet.
  • The attendee will learn proper clamping techniques for both unibody and full frame vehicles using Car-O-Liner clamping.
  • This course will provide an in-depth overview of the different components of the Car-O-Tronic measuring system.
  • The course will cover proper centering and measuring techniques for both underbody and upper body measuring.
  • The course will highlight the proper utilization of EVO 1, 2, 3 and the truck kit for anchoring and fixturing for the most accurate, safe and reliable repairs.


  • The maintenance overview will cover all aspects of maintenance, inspection and best practices to ensure the equipment operates successfully