CLEM-00008 Basic Frame Bench


Target group:
Entry level technicians that are just starting to work with Car-O-Liner equipment. Typically, this training occurs within 90 days of installation; or for new employees needing training on the Car-O-Liner equipment. This course qualifies as an Annual Training Alliance Course for I-CAR US.

Previous Training:
None required. However, this course is typically taught in conjunction with CLEM-00007: Basic Electronic Measuring.

This class is an introduction to the Car-O-Liner frame bench and focuses on how to accurately and safely operate the Frame Bench and its components. The course includes instruction and hands-on exercises using the frame bench as it relates to collision repairs.

Upon completion of the training, the technician will be able to properly and safely operate the Car-O-Liner frame bench and components.


  • Bench Rack or Quick42
  • Draw aligner
  • EVO 1-3
  • Truck Clamps / Specialty Clamps
  • Damaged vehicle


  • One Day, In-Shop Training



  • The safety overview will include information on personal protective equipment (PPE) and an in-depth overview of the frame bench specifications and how to operate the frame bench equipment and components safely.

Frame Bench Operation:

  • This course will give the attendee hands-on interaction to mount and anchor a full frame Vehicle.
  • The course will cover frame bench controls, lift and tilt functions to properly and safely load and unload vehicles.
  • The course will cover proper installation and use of the ramps, air jack and pillar jacks to properly and safely load and unload vehicles.
  • The course will cover proper use of the frame bench Draw Aligner, bench arms, cam locks, truck kits and specialty clamps.
  • The attendee will learn how to select the correct vehicle data sheet to determine proper clamping and correct set-up of the frame bench.


  • The maintenance overview will cover all aspects of maintenance, inspection and best practices to ensure the equipment operates successfully.