Car-O-Liner Co, Ltd won the Best Cooperative Enterprise Award in the 3rd Guangzhou Vocational Education Jinrui Awards Ceremony

Car-O-Liner Academy recently accepted the Best Partner Company award at the 3rd Guangzhou Vocational Education Jinrui competition which is sponsored by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education. It is a symbol that the Guangzhou Education Bureau has commended Car-O-Liner Academy for its excellent innovation and great contribution to school-enterprise cooperation, and indicates that Car-O-Liner Academy will continue to enhance Guangzhou vocational education in the future.

This Guangzhou Vocational Education Jinrui Award was awarded to the city’s vocational technical college and technical schools for their outstanding teachers and students, and excellent companies in school-enterprise cooperation by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and the Guangzhou Vocational and Technical Education Society during the “Guangzhou 2018 Vocational Education Activity Week”. This event widely promotes the development and transformation of vocational education in Guangzhou, to fully demonstrate the achievements of highly qualified education, and to promote the development of vocational education. This selection includes six awards: “Most Promising Professional”, “Future Craftsman Star”, “World Skills Rookie”, “Gold Medal Mentor”, “Best Lead College” and “Best Cooperative Enterprise”. The last one is to commend the companies which have made outstanding contributions to the development of Guangzhou vocational education by means of the school-enterprise cooperation project. BMW(China), Guangzhou Automobile Honda, and FAW Toyota have also won this award.

Stephen Fan, Manager, Car-O-Liner Academy China said, “The honor of winning the Guangzhou Vocational Education Jinrui Award cannot be separated from the trend of actively promoting vocational education by the country, the policy supported by the provincial and municipal education system, and the good cooperation by the Guangzhou Industry & Trade Technician College. As a senior company with decades of experience in body repair training, the academy deeply understands the ways of educating people in this field, and has always adhered to the educational concept of combining theory and practice, and attaches importance to the standardization and quality of vocational skills education. Winning this award makes us more clear about our own efforts and gives us affirmation of our own value proposition. The development of vocational education and the creation of new opportunities for the development of vocational education play an important role in promoting the leap of China’s manufacturing industry, further promoting the spirit of artisans in China, and finally realizing the dream of great rejuvenation of China. In the future, Car-O-Liner Academy will continue to support the progress and development of vocational skills education in China, and actively cooperate with vocational colleges, educational institutions and educational systems, as well as all sectors of society, to enhance China’s vocational education, and to help China cultivate more and more technicians who have outstanding body repair skills!”