Car-O-Liner CTR9 Welder Showcased on Power Nation TV

Rebuilt Ford Bronco from Show to be Auctioned off to Benefit

Wixom, MI – October 5, 2021 – The Car-O-Liner® CTR9 fully automatic, ergonomic welder is currently featured on the Power Nation TV show “Music City Trucks” as part of its Beach Cruiser Bronco rebuild.

The automated and broadly flexible CTR9 was designed for shop-owners and technicians alike. The powerful 16,000-amp welder auto-detects metal type and thickness with welding parameters designed to weld through structural adhesive to achieve a factory-like finish every time. The lightweight transformer gun features a 355-degree swivel handle with an ergo-grip and is supported by an adjustable telescopic arm, reducing technician fatigue and increasing productivity.

 “We are honored that the team at Power Nation chose to use the CTR9 for the Beach Cruiser Bronco restoration,” said Tim Garner, market development manager for Car-O-Liner. “We know that Brandon Burke and Marc Christ, the hosts of Music City Trucks, were really impressed on how easy the CTR9 was to use, and you can see from the episode that the CTR9 can perform a variety of welding jobs quickly and accurately.”

From Left: Music City Trucks Hosts, Marc Christ and Brandon Burke with Chad Dellinger

In the episode featuring the CTR9, Car-O-Liner sales representative Chad Dellinger of Carolina Collision Equipment in North Carolina shows Burke and Christ the features and benefits of the CTR9 and how its ergonomic design allows the user to perform more welds more efficiently without getting tired.

With all the hype surrounding Ford® revival of the Bronco®, “Music City Trucks” felt it was the ideal time to honor the vehicle’s heritage by building a classic of their own. The 1974 Bronco underwent extensive upgrades to restore the truck and take a modern approach to the classic rig. The upgrades included a new chassis, supercharged crate engine, transfer case, axles, suspension, fuel system, sheet metal, and an overhaul of the interior with custom parts.

The rebuilt 1974 Ford Bronco will be auctioned off at a Mecum™ Auctions event in December with the proceeds benefitting Warriors Heart ( which provides private treatment for veterans who are seeking inpatient treatment for issues relating to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the psychological effects of mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI).

“The first-generation ’74 Bronco was completely rebuilt from the ground up so having a high-performing welder was a must for the project,” said Garner. “The fact that the Beach Cruiser Bronco would be auctioned off with the proceeds going to such a wonderful organization as Warriors Heart made us want to be involved with the rebuild even more.”