CM030 Resistance Spot Welding and MIG/MAG Welding

A two day course in Resistance Spot Welding and MIG/MAG Welding for collision repair technicians, covering methods and equipment for welding of vehicle body panels, using tools such as resistance spot welders and MIG welders.



Target group:
Collision Damage repair technicians

Previous training:
No previous training required

After the completed course the participant should be able to:

  • recognise and understand all possible situations in conjunction with the welding of body panels
  • use his knowledge on how to weld new materials and how to protect them from corrosion
  • use Spot and MIG/MAG welders on steel body panels
  • analyse welds in order to ensure the quality of the completed work.


Resistance welder
Mig/Mag welder
Damaged vehicle

Two days, 16 hours




  • Car manufacturer’s requirements
  • New body structures and joining requirements
  • Steel-grade body panels
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Environment and safety
  • Electric current

Theory Resistance Spot welding:

  • Basic training resistance welding
  • Equipment knowledge
  • Clamping force, current
  • Preparation
  • Weld analysis and quality assessment
  • Corrosion protection

Theory MIG/MAG welding:

  • Basic training MIG/MAG welding
  • Equipment knowledge
  • Protective atmosphere/welding advice
  • Weld analysis and quality assessment
  • Corrosion protection

Practical Resistance Spot and MIG/MAG welding:

  • Manuals/Handling and Adjustment
  • Connections
  • Weld performance
  • Own work, Spot and MAG welding, MIG brazing