CM031 Structural Body Repair, Monocoque

A three day course in Structural Body Repair for collision repair technicians, covering methods and equipment for setting up a damaged vehicle in a alignment bench, analyzing the damage and carrying out accurate structural repairs.



Target group:
Collision Damage repair technicians.

Previous experience:
Work with cosmetic or structural repairs

During the course we will repair a vehicle with structural damage.
After the completed course the participant should be able to:

  • understand and perform analysis of damaged vehicles
  • set up and fix the vehicle in a alignment bench
  • perform accurate repair of structural damage, including restoring body characteristics and corrosion protection
  • analyze the work done to ensure the correct quality.

Three to four days, 24 – 32 hours




  • Car manufacturer’s requirements
  • New body structures and joining requirements
  • Steel-grade body panels
  • The collision repair process
  • Personal protection equipment
  • The environment and safety

Theory/Practical exercise – damage assessment:

  • Visual analysis
  • Analysis using various measuring systems
  • Documentation of damage

Theory/Practical exercise – mounting vehicles:

  • Different mounting methods
  • Securing vehicles

Theory/Practical exercise – anchoring and fixing:

  • Installing various anchoring and fixing applications

Theory/Practical exercise – measuring:

  • Datasheets
  • Centering
  • Measuring
  • Documentation

Theory/Practical exercise – draw alignment:

  • Draw alignment techniques
  • Measuring during pulling
  • Rough pull/fine pull

Theory/Practical exercise – removal of body parts

  • Spot weld drilling machine
  • Cutting/sawing
  • Plasma cutter

Theory/Practical exercise – installation of body parts

  • Adjustment of new body parts
  • Weld primer
  • Fixing/positioning parts
  • Welding/gluing parts
  • Bodywork sealing
  • Corrosion protection
  • Bonding (riveting/gluing)