CP002 – Distributor Training, Alignment Bench and Measuring Systems


Target group:

Mandatory for Car‑O‑Liner distributors.
Product training for trainers, technical and salespersons.

Previous training:

No previous training required


The purpose with this training is to understand the Car-O-Liner platform system (hardware and software) and the different steps in the repair process including Damage estimation

1. How to work with the repair bench
2. How to use the electronic/mechanical measuring equipment
3. How to work with the draw-aligner and side support system
4. The course includes both theoretical and practical training.


Bench Rack or Quick42
Draw aligner
Measuring system
EVO 1-3
Damaged vehicle


Five full days, 40 hours




· Car manufacture’s requirements
· The collision repair process
· Steel-grade body panels
· Personal protective equipment
· The environment and safety

Theory – Software:

· Ecinfo
· Book of information
· Vision Veb
· B&M Parts software

Theory/Practical – Mounting vehicles:

· Mounting methods in different bench
· Securing vehicles in different bench

Theory/Practical – Dolly applications:

· Installing various dolly applications

Theory/Practical – Measuring:

· Measuring with different measuring system
· Datasheets
· Centering
· Measuring
· Documentation

Theory/Practical – Draw alignment:

· Draw alignment techniques
· Measuring during drawing
· Rough pull/fine pull