CM052 Paintless Dent Repair, basic

Smart Repair is for customers who want to repair minor damage to their vehicle without having to claim the insurance or replacing expensive parts.
Training is an important part of using Smart Repair equipment and is a critical factor to ensure you achieve all of the benefits and opportunities that the tools provide.

A two day Smart Repair Course in Paintless Dent Repair (basic level) for all vehicle repair industry personnel, covering methods for analyzing and repairing dents in body panels without re-painting, using equipment such as PDR tools, Glue puller and lamps.


Target group:
Anyone within the collision repair industry

Previous training:
None required


After the course the participant should be able to:

understand the methods for removing minor dents in body panels without repainting
analyze the damage and choose the appropriate repair method
apply the best repair method by using the appropriate tools
perform a variety of repair techniques on damage occurring in diverse places on the body and in a variety of materials

Two days, 16 hours



  • Tools and equipment
  • Identifying the damage
  • Using lighting to see the dent
  • How different materials affect repair methods
  • Different repair methods


  • Lighting for different types of damage
  • Repair of dents in door using PDR tools (vertical)
  • Repair of dents in bonnet using PDR tools (horizontal)
  • Access points on the vehicle
  • Repair of dents using Glue Puller