Volkswagen AG Approves Resistance Spot Welder for High-Quality Repairs

Wixom, MI – April 13, 2021 – Car-O-Liner®, the world’s most-recognized collision repair equipment brand, has received another prestigious approval from Volkswagen Automotive Group for its unique VAS 6755A fully automatic resistance spot welder.

“We are proud to announce the newest addition to our Volkswagen-approved systems, the Car-O-Liner VAS 6755A welder,” said Tim Garner, market development manager for Car-O-Liner. “The VAS6755A resistance welder was certified by third-party testing and is engineered to meet Volkswagen Automotive Group’s precise standards for quality and performance.”

Highlights include new Volkswagen-specific software, 16A welding caps, a dust cover, and the new shelf and hook kit as standard equipment.

With welding currents up to 16,000 amps, the VAS 6755A boasts a power and efficiency upgrade from past welders. The new Volkswagen-specific software automatically establishes required settings, through multiple grades of steel and adhesives. This ensures fast, accurate results for every weld.

New VAS 6755A features include VAS branding and a new shelf and hook kit. The shelves provide long-sought-after working storage space and the hooks keep the cooling and power line supply in place and out of the way when the welder is in operation increasing technician safety.

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