WorldSkills Kazan 2019 – Day Four of Competition

Kazan, August 26th

And the winner is…

…WorldSkills and the 21 participants!

Day Four is now history and the competition is over.

At least for the 21 young professionals that have spent the last four days working hard in the Autobody Repair Skill.

The Experts will now spend the next hours reviewing all the work done, judging, analyzing and allocating points to all participants for each task. At the end, they will have a ranking that will then be the base for the medals. These will be announced and presented during the closing ceremony tomorrow Tuesday in Kazan in the Arena, closing WorldSkills Kazan 2019 in the same Arena as the one where it started last Thursday.

While the last day was shorter in terms of hours for the competitors, it was by no means less intense. On the opposite, using every minute left, they invested their last bit of energy into fulfilling the tasks with experience, knowledge, talent and mass of passion.

When the clock ticked, all stopped and gathered with the Experts.

The final task board, reflecting all tasks mastered for each participant.
A lot of smiles, happy faces and congratulations were exchanged.

Happy competitors, their job is done!

Happy Experts, they still have work ahead of them!

The competitors used the relaxed atmosphere and took advantage of being all together to create their very own collectibles from the event.

So did we and we now have a unique CTR7 semi-automatic welder that will find a perfect place very soon!

Lots of pictures were made, one could feel how after days of intense yet fair competition, the pressure slowly drifted away, replaced by relief and joy of having participated in the event.

Our Chinese colleagues with Xu Aomen.

Our Swedish colleagues.

All participants will gather again tomorrow in Arena for the final Ceremony at 19:00 Kazan time (UTC +2). A live stream will be provided by WorldSkills at

Stay tuned for the final updates, featuring the medalists and follow us on Facebook for more news on WorldSkills Kazan 2019 and competition insights.