Kazan, August 25th

Check the Equipment.

Over the past days, we have received several questions with respect to the Equipment provided and used during the Competition.

All 21 working bays and the 2 additional expert bays have been fitted with identical equipment.








The centerpiece is a Quick 42 bench, fitted with EVO fixtures and accessories. Pulling is done using a 10T draw aligner with accessories, clamp kit and straps.

The all important measuring is done using a Car-O-Tronic measuring system with a bridge while the measuring data is provided via Car-O-Data.

Welding is covered with a CTR7 semi-automatic welder, together with a CM193 MIG/MAG welder.


The participants have trained on the equipment prior to the competition and it shows. Keeping set-up time to a minimum is of high importance, allowing for more time to perform the requested tasks.


The Race for victory is still open, the participants will mobilize their last bits of energy to deliver their best during the Final Day!

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