WorldSkills Kazan 2019 – Day Two of Competition

Kazan, August 24th

Meet the experts.
We have just finished Day Two of the competition and hence reached half-time after what was yet another intense day for our participants.

As in every competition, a body is needed to evaluate individual performances and rank the participants. In WorldSkills, this is done by the experts. Every country that has a competitor in the Skill also sends an Expert to the competition. Experts are responsible for planning and running the skill competitions. As such, the Experts develop the Test Projects the Competitors complete at the WorldSkills Competition. Furthermore, Experts play a critical role, representing their country and sharing their experience in their skill.

Today, the Experts team reviewed the tasks completed so far. This is done in a collaborative way, with many Experts jointly assessing the performance and allocating points to the achieved result. All points collected by a competitor during the four days will then be consolidated.
To avoid any potential conflict of interest, the Expert of country Y does not judge the competitor from country Y.



Once again, our competitors displayed a tremendous amount of energy, commitment and skills during the day.



No week-end here, we shall resume tomorrow Sunday at 09:00 am Kazan time (UTC +2) for Day Three.

As for today, a live stream of the event is provided by WorldSkills Kazan at

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