Vision2 software just got better!

Car-O-Liner is happy to present new Releases of Vision2™ X1/X2/X3 and Vision2™ PointX!
The new versions of the Vision2™ software contain new features and improvement to help you speed up your measuring process.

NEW BLUETOOTH PAIRING — The pairing of Car-O-Tronic® or PointX® moves from Windows into the Vision2™ software. This will give better support and easier handling. Pairing a Car-O-Tronic® or a PointX® with a 64-bit or 32-bit Bluetooth will now be very similar. No extra drivers need to be installed.
When entering the measuring mode you will be asked to search for your Car-O-Tronic® or your PointX®. When the search screen pops up choose Car-O-Tronic® or PointX® and press OK. The pairing will take place and you will be able to use the device. 

NO MEASURING TUBE WARNING — A warning will pop up if no tubes are inserted into the Car-O-Tronic® measuring slide.
(Vision2™ X1/X2/X3)

MORE MEASURING POINTS AVAILABLE — DataSheets can now contain an increased number of measuring points to give you more measuring possibilities. A DataSheet can have up to three pages of measuring points.
(Vision2™ X1/X2/X3)

EMPTY DATASHEET SUPPORT in Vision2™ PointX® —Absolut measuring is now available in Vision2™ PointX® for vehicles for which there are no DataSheets. The empty DataSheet is found last in the list of makes under the Car-O-Liner logo. You can also use the search function and look for DataSheet 123:001. Only the Absolute measuring mode is available when choosing the empty DataSheet.

FREE UPDATES — The two new releases are free of charge for existing Vision2™ X1/X2/X3 or Vision2™ PointX® customers. The updates are released and available through the Update Software function in Vision2™ or as separate downloads from VisionWeb.

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