CDS35 double scissor car lift

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When it comes to collision repair, your equipment needs to do more than just function—it needs to excel. The automotive lift is a cornerstone of any workshop and will boost the quality and efficiency of your services.

Whether you’re lifting a compact sedan or a hefty SUV, our lifts help you secure the vehicle at a comfortable working height and provide a safe and stable platform for maintenance tasks. With various configurations available, including the two-post lift, four-post lift, scissor lift, and in-ground lift, you’ll find one that fits your needs.

Unparalleled Benefits and Safety Features

Safety First: Technician safety is the top priority in any collision repair shop. Our car lifts are designed with top-tier safety features including mechanical safety locks and emergency stops to minimise the risk of accidents associated with other lifting methods, such as transmission jacks.

  • Accessibility and Comfort: The right lift makes all the difference in how easily technicians can access the vehicle’s undercarriage. Our lifts provide the perfect lifting capacity, allowing for easy access to hard-to-reach places
  • Boosted Efficiency: A key to a successful shop is workflow efficiency. A vehicle lift from Car-O-Liner® streamlines the repair process, allowing for quicker access to the vehicle's underside, significantly reducing repair times and increasing overall productivity
  • Maximised Space: Space is a premium in automotive shops and garages. Our versatile lift designs help optimise your workspace, enabling you to use your shop’s area more effectively

Discover the Perfect Car Lifts for Your Shop

Choosing the best car lift is all about enhancing your shop’s operations, ensuring safety, and boosting your business. With Car-O-Liner® lifts, you're choosing quality and reliability, designed to handle demanding conditions of busy repair shops. Our specialty lifts come with easy-to-use features and safety measures to give you peace of mind.

Car lifts come in a variety of designs to suit diverse requirements and space constraints.

  • Two-Post Lift: Ideal for tasks such as general vehicle maintenance, inspections, brake repairs, and suspension work. A two-post car lift provides excellent flexibility, allowing technicians to work on various vehicle models and sizes
  • Four-Post Lift: Perfect for tasks requiring stability, such as storage or longer-term maintenance. These are suitable for a range of tasks and have a greater weight capacity to support larger vehicles
  • Scissor Lift: With a scissor-like mechanism that raises the vehicle, scissor lifts have a compact design and lower lifting height. They’re perfect for shops or garages with limited vertical space and great for tasks like wheel service and routine maintenance
  • In-Ground Lift: In-ground lifts are a sleek, space-saving option that provides a clear workspace when not in use, perfect for professional automotive repair facilities and suitable for various maintenance and repair tasks
  • Portable Car Lift: Versatile and mobile, these lifts are popular among smaller repair shops. Although providing a lower overall height, a portable car lift can be used for wheel service and other maintenance activities

Choosing the right type of car lift involves considering your specific needs, the type of work performed, and space available in your shop. Each type of lift offers specific advantages, helping you streamline operations and improve service quality.