Double Scissor Multi-Lift

Load Capacity

3.500 Kg

CDS™35 — As an indispensable aid for all work requiring a vehicle be lifted, including damage diagnosis, cosmetic dent repair and mechanical checks in general, the CDS™35 is a compact double scissor lift designed to fit into any collision repair workshop.

Combined with a PointX® II diagnostic measuring tool or the CDR™1 Cosmetic Dent Repair Workstation, it forms a specialized work space, where complete repairs are performed quickly and efficiently.

Drive or roll the vehicle over the lift, raise it to the necessary height and begin damage diagnosis. Cosmetic damage can be repaired while the vehicle is on the lift. Are there service issues? The vehicle can remain on the CDS™35 while these are addressed, as well.

Features & Benefits


Allows vehicles with low chassis to drive onto the lift without damages

Drive-On Ramps

May be used as platform extensions (330mm each side) with easy lock/unlock positioning


With locking ramps adjustable from 1,480-2,140mm to accommodate longer wheelbase vehicles

Master/Slave Hydraulics

Hydraulic synchronization with easy adjustment controls. No need for compressed air to mechanically lock/unlock the scissor structure


Strong, long-lasting steel structure


Protects key electrical components, hydraulic power pack and hydraulic synchronization controls


Three console positions possible, to be decided during installation

  • POWERFUL - Lift up to 3,500kg (max vehicle weight)

  • COMPACT - Saves space in your workshop

  • VERSATILE - Use it to perform diagnostics, including light cosmetic repairs or service operations, in order to shorten cycle times and increasing profits

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