Recalibration System

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), commonly referred to as a drivers’ aid or safety system, creates new challenges for collision repair centers in business today. These safety innovations can cause seemingly simple repairs to require sensor recalibration. The Car-O-Liner® team has developed THE solution, EZ-ADAS Recalibration System™.

Featuring a unique centreline setup and intuitive laser-guided target placement based on OEM procedures, EZ-ADAS ensures accurate, error-free positioning.

  • Easy - Thanks to our precision laser technology, EZ-ADAS allows technicians of all skill levels to quickly and accurately place the necessary targets

  • Accurate - The laser precision technology minimises complexity by reducing the number of alignment components and steps required for a successful recalibration

  • OEM based procedures - The EZ-ADAS target placement guide uses clear, easy steps identified from the OEM of the vehicle you are repairing, eliminating uncertainty and the need to look for information in multiple locations

  • Compact - Easily folds up and rolls out of the way for storage when not in use

  • Fast - Step by step, color coded process