Car-O-Liner is a proud sponsor of TechStar 2021

TechStar is a unique scholarship for students who graduate in 2021. This year it will be awarded to a total of 32 students in four different categories. Passenger / Transport Car Technician, Truck Technician, Paint or Damage Technician.
Scholarship winners receive

  • A unique trophy
  • 3-5 days of special training in your area
  • A 3-day trip to Mercedes-Benz hometown Stuttgart with everything paid for by Mercedes-Benz
    The last date to register is April 7, 2021.

Sign up opens today! Are you, or someone you know, in the final year of a high school level vehicle program? Registration for the Techstar 2021 scholarship is now open. Do not miss the chance.
Sign up here:

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