A variety of collision repair frame benches.

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Auto Body Frame Machine: An Overview

Frame machines are an essential piece of auto body shop equipment that secure vehicles during collision repairs, providing a stable platform for frame straightening and other structural adjustments. Also known as an auto repair bench or frame rack, these machines are equipped with hydraulics or other mechanisms, which enable technicians to work on vehicles that have sustained structural damage, ensuring effective repairs.


Car-O-Liner® auto repair benches provide ample lifting capacity for a range of vehicles and come equipped with a suite of tools and features that aid in straightening frames and performing comprehensive restorations. By securely holding the vehicle in place, technicians can effectively assess and repair damages, ensuring that the restored vehicle meets safety and performance standards.

Benefits of a Car-O-Liner® Auto Repair Bench

Choosing a Car-O-Liner® auto body frame machine brings multiple advantages to the collision repair process, improving both efficiency and quality. Here’s why our benches stand out:

  • Precision and Accuracy: Secure vehicle mounting allows technicians to use our advanced measuring system and ensures that repairs are carried out with the utmost accuracy
  • Efficiency: A Car-O-Liner® auto repair bench streamlines the repair process, significantly reducing the time required for assessment and restoration. This benefits both the car and shop owners, minimizing vehicle downtime and shop repair time, quickly returning them to roadworthy conditions
  • Safety: Our frame machines provide stability and control, contributing to personal protection and safety. Ergonomic controls and flexible installation options help to create the ideal conditions for technicians to get the job done. This more secure working environment significantly reduces the risk of accidents and errors, promoting technician well-being
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The precision and efficiency provided by a frame rack leads to savings on labor hours and improved repair outcomes. This makes the repair process more economical for both auto body shops and vehicle owners

Different Types of Automotive Frame Machines

Several types of auto body repair benches are available, each catering to specific vehicle repair needs. They are broadly classified based on their drive system:

  • Hydraulic Repair Benches: A popular choice in collision repair shops because of their precision and versatility. These benches use hydraulic cylinders and pumps to lift, lower, and position vehicles, allowing technicians to make accurate adjustments
  • Pneumatic Repair Benches: Pneumatic benches use air pressure to lift and move the car. They are versatile and provide a cost-effective solution for an auto body shop

Selecting a frame machine depends on factors such as a shop’s available space, equipment, and budget, as well as the type of repairs it commonly handles. Each bench offers distinct features, yet all aim to achieve precise and effective vehicle repair and superior customer care.