Recalibration System

Tru-Point™ is a complete solution for all your ADAS calibration needs. Using state-of-the-art camera technology, easy-to-locate targets and advanced software, Tru-Point™ quickly checks for any alignment issues so your technicians can easily perform accurate ADAS calibration.

Tru-Point™ advanced technology also eliminates the need for a completely flat shop floor and takes the guesswork out of manual measurements so your technicians can easily place ADAS targets with high precision. Calibrate and prove by combining Tru-Point™ with any ADAS-compatible scanning tool to complete the calibration and receive proof of calibration in an easy-to-read report. This is the ultimate in easy ADAS calibration, with the validation you and your customers demand.

CONTROL - Tru-Point™ uses highly advanced camera technology to create a 3D image of a vehicle and verify alignment in less than a minute. This helps your technicians waste less time performing ADAS calibration for vehicles that do not meet OEM alignment specifications.

PLACING - Streamline the process of placing targets in precise locations required by the OEM with Tru-Point™ technology. Think you need tape measures and a flat floor to get the job done? Tru-Point™ makes this process seamless and controls it automatically without the need for manuals, guides or manual inputs.

CALIBRATE - Designed to make life a little easier, Tru-Point™ works with any ADAS-compatible scanning tool to complete the calibration process.

PROVE - Once Tru-Point™ has validated vehicle alignment, target placement and compliance with OEM specifications, it generates an easy-to-use report that clearly shows compliance. This ensures you put a safe vehicle back on the road and provides evidence to your customer that gives them peace of mind.

  • OEM COMPLIANT - Perform a precise recalibration according to the OEM specifications

  • PRECISE TARGET PLACEMENT - A simple color-coded system allows you to easily identify the exact location for target placement going from red to green

  • VALIDATION REPORT - Tru-Point™ validates the alignment of the vehicle, placement of the targets, and compliance with OEM specifications

  • FLOOR COMPENSATION (LEVEL FLOOR NOT REQUIRED) - While most systems function by referencing the height of the vehicle from the shop floor, our system measures the height of the targets from the tyre contact patch of all four wheels, allowing for the vehicle to be calibrated anywhere in the shop; even on an alignment rack

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