CH™37 & CH™100


CH™37 and CH™100 induction heaters without flame are designed to heat all magnetic materials and aluminum, safely with no open flame.

The CH™37 has a unique regulation and control system that features five power levels, making it nearly impossible to overheat.

The high-power CH™100 induction heater can be used in the same way as a gas torch, but with little risk of damaging nearby components.

Features & Benefits


Intuitive and user friendly, helps reducing cycle time


20L capacity


Lightweight, accurate and easy to use


Ergonomic design, sturdy construction

  • AVOID OVERHEATING - With CH™37 through our unique 5-step regulation and power control system

  • SAFE - Flameless technology ensures a limited risk of damaging nearby parts

  • POWERFUL - CH™100 offers 10Kw in a compact design

  • HIGH-POWER SYSTEM - Quickly heats exact location the technician has chosen

  • TOTAL POWER CONTROL - Unique regulation control system

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