Estimation Bay

The Estimation Bay is crucial for accurately assessing damage and ensuring efficient collision repairs. High-quality inspection and the estimation completed in this area directly impact the repair shop's effectiveness, so it's essential to equip it properly to conduct thorough inspections and estimations. Without adequate inspection, there could be more repairs in the future, leading to extra administrative work, longer wait times, and reduced workshop efficiency. Car-O-Liner® provides various solutions for setting up a complete Estimation Bay, including the CDS™35 Double Scissor Lift, the PointX® II with storage wagon, and a WSS 2-wall module with storage cabinets and hooks for equipment. Additionally, the Car-O-Liner® Academy offers training in estimation and measuring, demonstrating a commitment to providing comprehensive Estimation Bay solutions for collision repair workshops.

Moreover, the Estimation Bay serves as a significant sales area for workshops, offering opportunities to suggest additional repairs beyond the initial reasons for customers' visits, such as addressing paint chips or old parking damage. During inspections, technicians engage with customers, presenting a chance to highlight extra services. A well-equipped inspection area not only enhances operational efficiency but also boosts customer confidence in their choice of workshop. Therefore, utilising the Estimation Bay as a customer-friendly space can effectively improve sales efforts and enhance customer satisfaction, making it a valuable asset for collision repair workshops.

The PointX® II system offers a range of features and benefits to streamline vehicle measuring. Its photo-based system and Car-O-Data® integration enhance precision and access to vehicle data. Compatible with various alignment systems, it improves workshop efficiency. The user-friendly interface and Datasheet Wizard simplify operation and data retrieval. A storage cart enhances convenience, offering flexibility and organization while reducing technician fatigue. Overall, the PointX® II system maximizes productivity in automotive workshops.

The 2 Section WSS Wall Module offers a flexible and space-saving solution for workshop layouts, with modular wall sections that can be expanded and reconfigured to suit specific needs. It features free-standing lower walls, tool boards with silhouettes for efficient organization, and easy transitioning between walls and tool wagons. Cabinets on wheels provide mobility, while shelves and hooks offer versatile storage options. Key features include inventory control, space-saving design, flexibility to match various car manufacturers' parts designs, durable construction, and efficiency in workflow. Additionally, the New Magnetic Tool-Mat System simplifies tool handling with magnetic mats, flexible usage, easy identification of tools and parts, enhanced visibility, and seamless integration with VISION2 X3 software.

The CDS™35 Double Scissor Lift offers exceptional versatility and efficiency for workshops aiming to expand their capacity. Designed for various tasks including damage diagnosis and cosmetic repairs, it seamlessly integrates into collision repair workshops, enhancing efficiency alongside tools like the PointX® II or CDR™1. Operating the lift is straightforward: drive the vehicle onto it, adjust height, and commence repairs without removing the vehicle. Key features include a lift capacity of up to 3500kg, compact design saving space, drive-on ramps for additional access, and an ergonomic control station. Overall, the CDS™35 streamlines operations, reduces cycle times, and boosts profits for workshops seeking superior performance.

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