Two-Post Lift

Experience a new level of vehicle servicing and repair excellence with the CTP45™ Two-Post Lift. Boasting a robust lifting capacity of 4,500kg, this versatile lifting solution revolutionises your workshop operations by delivering unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Engineered with innovative Versymmetric® technology, this lift seamlessly integrates symmetrical and asymmetrical lift adjustments into a single unit, offering unmatched flexibility while optimising shop space utilisation.

Engineered to meet the diverse needs of modern workshops, the CTP45™ is designed to safely elevate a wide range of vehicles, from compact passenger cars to sturdy light commercial trucks. Whether it's routine maintenance tasks or complex repair jobs, this lift empowers you to tackle various challenges from a single service point, enhancing workflow efficiency and productivity. For heightened versatility and extended height requirements, opt for the CTP45™ Tall version, ensuring compatibility with your specific workshop needs and preferences.

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Explore the CTP45™ Tall for Extended Height Capabilities

  • Three-Stage Arms - front and rear three-stage arms guarantee perfect access to vehicle pick-up points, facilitating seamless lifting.

  • Versymmetric® Technology - by blending the benefits of asymmetric and symmetric lifts, Versymmetric® Technology enhances ergonomics during arm positioning for lifting vehicles.

  • Truck Clearance - the lift's robust design, complete with an integrated grease nipple and optimal door clearance with a rubber cover on the truck, ensures protection for vehicle doors.

  • Flexible Installation - available in two versions, choose between low and high height options to suit your installation requirements.

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