CLEM-00013 CR200 Dent Repair for Aluminum & Steel


Target group:
This course is designed for the entry to advanced technician using the Car-O-liner CR200 Aluminum and Steel Dent Repair Station. This course qualifies as an Annual Training Alliance Course for I-CAR US.

Previous Training:
On-Line Training Module

This class is an introduction to the Car-O-Liner CR200 and focuses on how to accurately and safely operate the CR200 and its components. The course includes instruction and hands-on exercises using the CR200 as it relates to collision repairs.

Upon completion of the training, the technician will be able to properly and safely operate the Car-O-Liner CR200 and components.


  • CR200 Dent Repair Station
  • Basic or Advanced Pulling Bars
  • CR200 Consumables


  • One Day, In-Shop Training



  • The safety overview will include information on personal protective equipment (PPE) and an in-depth overview of the CR200 specifications and how to operate the CR200 equipment and components safely.

Welder Setup:

  • This course will provide the attendee with an overview of the CR200 Dent Repair Station and the multiple pulling options and consumables available for aluminum and steel dent repair.
  • This course will cover an in-depth overview to provide understanding for selecting the correct electrode / mandrel and grounding rod for the different consumables that are available as options to the technician.
  • This course will also provide hands-on practice for setting up the different pulling bar options that are available.


  • This course will provide an overview of understanding and using the Control Panel and setting the parameters per the “Operation Controls” Guide.
  • This course will cover panel preparation for Aluminum & Steel, using the hand puller, easy puller, lever bar and pulling bars.
  • The technician will be provided the CR200 Quick Guide as a resource and an overview of the consumables available.


  • The maintenance overview will cover all aspects of maintenance, inspection and best practices to ensure the equipment operates successfully.