CT022 Modern Collision Repair

A two day course on Modern Collision Repair for vehicle damage assessors. The course covers requirements, processes, methods and equipment for collision damage repair of modern vehicles in a well-equipped up-to-date body shop.


Target group:
Collision damage assessors & claims adjusters.

Previous experience:
Experience of damage assessment, estimation or of customer reception.

After the course, the participant should have a good understanding of:

  • the requirements for modern car repair
  • trends in modern vehicle body engineering
  • the different steps in the repair process
  • Lean in the repair process
  • how modern body repair tools and equipment work
  • Smart Repair methods and equipment.

Two days, 16 hours




  • Requirements
  • Body materials
  • Body trends
  • Steel qualities
  • Collision theory
  • Measuring and damage analysis
  • Estimation systems
  • Workshop planning
  • Repair information
  • Repair tools and equipment
  • Repair methods
  • Corrosion protection
  • Smart repair methods and equipment


  • Demonstrations of:
    • Body repair tools and equipment
    • Smart Repair system
  • Hands-on practice with body repair tools and equipment