Truck Clamping System

The Car-O-Liner® B731 Truck Clamping System stands out as a pinnacle in precision engineering, catering to the needs of truck, van, and SUV repairs. Specifically crafted to anchor and restore vehicles, this clamping system is adept at handling the challenges posed by modern, robust materials such as high-strength steels and aluminum. The B731 is not merely a product but an evolution within the B73 Truck Clamping Series, designed to dynamically adapt to the evolving requirements and specifications set by major OEMs.

This innovative system offers more than strength; it strategically enhances anchoring in crucial areas, addressing the changing landscape of automotive design. Versatile and forward-thinking, the universal B731 instills confidence by providing the ability to anchor and repair both old and new models of trucks, vans, and SUVs. As an integral component, it seamlessly integrates with the BenchRack™ and Quick 42™ systems, collectively setting a new industry benchmark for full-frame repairs.

The Car-O-Liner® B731 is not just a solution for repair; it's a testament to adaptability, innovation, and a commitment to meeting the evolving demands of the automotive industry.

Features & Benefits


Maintain order in your truck clamping and support system by utilizing an exclusive storage cart for organisation

  • SUPERIOR HOLDING POWER - Achieves exceptional stability through an independent four-point anchoring system, exceeding rigorous pulling requirements for precise and confident repairs

  • VERSATILE - Designed for adaptability, provides anchoring solutions across a wide range of full-frame vehicles; a versatile choice for addressing diverse repair needs

  • ACCESSIBLE - Strategic design facilitates easy access to crucial measuring points, streamlining the measurement and alignment processes for enhanced repair efficiency

  • VALUABLE - More than functional, adds value by actively preventing frame damage and minimizing costly rework, ensuring a smoother and more cost-effective repair experience

  • PROFITABLE - Serves as an efficient investment, empowering technicians to handle more repairs with minimal equipment, expediting pulling and measuring processes for increased workshop productivity and profitability

  • TECHNICIAN-FRIENDLY - User-friendly interface reduces the learning curve, fostering a positive working environment while enabling technicians to operate the system with confidence and proficiency

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