Bench Efficiency With Scissor Lift Versatility

Almost Any Angle

360° Around The Vehicle

Size Configuration

4 Lengths

Load Capacity

9,259 IBS

Pull Power


The unsurpassable BenchRack™ combines drive-on convenience with a hydraulic lift and removable ramps. Add the tilt feature, which makes loading easier when approach space is limited, and you have the most versatile repair bench on the market. You will be able to repair each collision-damaged vehicle that enters your shop, from light cosmetic work to full-frame repairs.

With 4 lengths to choose from, BenchRack™ systems are designed for any type of unibody or full-frame vehicle, from small cars to light trucks, vans and SUVs.

Features & Benefits

10-Ton Draw Aligner Capacity

With multi-angle pulling and 360° access (double the pulling power with an optional second draw aligner)

Removable Ramps

Allows easy access all around the vehicle

Drive on Ramps

Double as drive-off stops when the vehicle is lifted

Clamping Accessories

Provide strong, no-slip, safe holding for a wide range of vehicles

9,259 IBS Capacity

Repair any car, SUV or light truck

Comfortable Height

From 400 to 1190mm, allowing technicians to work at a comfortable height

  • MASTER KIT - Covers a wide range of vehicles with the EVO™ System and clamping accessories

  • FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION - Pit or fixed mountings meet the needs of all workshops sizes

  • ACCURATE REAL-TIME MEASURING - When used with CAR-O-TRONIC® VISION2™ X3 and CAR-O-DATA® electronic measuring system

  • EFFICIENT ANCHORING AND HOLDING - With the EVO™ universal system - no vehicle-specific equipment required

  • OEM-APPROVED - Meets a majority of equipment manufacturers' requirements/approvals

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