Spot Drill

Automatic System

The spot drill offers precision and convenience with its regulated depth feature, easily controlled by the positioning ring and verified by adjusting the counter-stay backward. When equipped with the yoke, the drill automatically advances toward the spot welds upon depressing the trigger halfway.

During drilling, uniform pressure is applied until reaching the preset depth. This innovative automatic method ensures safe drilling practises while prolonging the lifespan of both the drill and the yoke. Additionally, the yoke can be effortlessly detached when it impedes the drilling process.

Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and ease of use, the drill boasts a pistol-shaped grip allowing for convenient one-handed operation. This thoughtful design promotes a natural working position, reducing strain during extended use. Furthermore, the drill's low vibration level minimises the risk of injury, providing added safety and comfort for operators.

  • Effortless: Regulated depth control feature allows operators to easily adjust drilling depth.

  • Compact: Compact design for convenient one-handed operations, enhancing manoeuvreability and efficiency in tight spaces.

  • Safe: Low vibration level to prioritise safety by minimising risk of injury, providing operators with a comfortable and secure working experience.

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