EVO™ 1-2-3

Anchoring & Holding Systems

EVO™ is a universal anchoring, holding and fixturing system. Each EVO™ System – 1, 2 and 3 – is comprised of an optimal number of components to be used alone or in combination with one another to securely handle any anchoring, holding and fixturing situation that enters your shop.

EVO™ works for every vehicle year, make and model so you never have to pay traditional fixture costs. Fully-integrated with Car-O-Liner® data and software, it is modular and upgradeable.

Features & Benefits


Quick and easy set-up saves time and money


Fits any car, van, SUV or light truck on the road, no need to rent or buy extra fixtures


Limited components that, when combined, meet your repair needs

  • UPGRADEABLE - Start with EVO™ 1, and add EVO™ 2, EVO™ 3 or other offered combinations

  • COMPATIBLE - Works with the Car-O-Tronic® Vision2™ X3 electronic measuring system and WorkShop Solutions inventory management system

  • BOLTING, CLAMPING OR BRACING - Isolate pulling force by holding adjacent areas

  • STRONG - Vice-like grip for safe, secure holding

  • OEM-APPROVED - Required by many vehicle manufacturers

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