CleanPrep Vacuum Sanding Systems

Dust Containment: The Foundation of a Pristine Workshop

Most OEM certification programs today mandate the safe extraction of dust from materials like aluminum and carbon fiber. Effective dust containment not only fosters a clean and secure business environment for both customers and employees but also streamlines operations, reducing labor time and enhancing overall efficiency, thus boosting profitability. Dust, in its various forms, poses a significant challenge to collision repair shops, as it can spread throughout the premises, leading to corrosion, contamination, fire risks, and costly reworks.

Car-O-Liner® CleanPrep Vacuum Systems are engineered to meet stringent military and commercial aerospace standards, ensuring the safe extraction of dust from your shop. The CleanPrep Wet Mix Immersion Separator and Dry Pneumatic Portable HEPA vacuums are designed specifically for the capture of combustible, corrosive, and toxic dust, including aluminum, carbon fiber, magnesium, titanium, and hexavalent chromium coatings, effectively capturing 99.97% of particles sized 0.3 microns and larger.

  • CLEANPREP DRY 5 GALLON HEPA VACUUM: Constructed of 18 gauge powder coated steel, this vacuum boasts heavy-duty components for durability. It features an auto-start/stop function activated from the sander, offering single or dual user capability. The powerful yet quiet motor operates at 67 dB and includes a self-closing vacuum port and screw-on HEPA filter for extended lifespan.

  • CLEANPREP WET MIX IMMERSION SEPARATOR: Similar to the Dry 5 Gallon vacuum, this separator employs an immersion tank and water bath to thoroughly eliminate dust. Three stages of additional filtration ensure dust and moisture-free air, while its components are made from stainless steel, aluminum, or brass. The system is user-friendly, easy to drain, and simple to disassemble.

  • CLEANPREP DRY PNEUMATIC PORTABLE HEPA VACUUM: Compact and lightweight at under 10 pounds, this portable vacuum features non-marring rubber feet and an easy-carry handle. Its dust ignition-proof design, with a quiet air motor drive system, is certified for combustible dust collection. Optional accessories such as a carry case, backpack harness, and wall mount bracket are available.

  • RANDOM ORBITAL & ORBITAL VACUUM SANDERS: These sanders extend sandpaper life by over 30% compared to traditional non-vacuum models. Constructed with high-grade materials, they are compatible with universal hook and loop sanding paper.

  • MANUAL VACUUM SANDERS: Ideal for dust-free sanding without a compressed air supply, these hand sanding blocks are suitable for quick spot repairs or finesse work. Easily connectable to portable or central vacuum systems, their ergonomic design ensures fatigue-free sanding.

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