Vehicle Database

Over 18.000 vehicles

Car-O-Data®, the world’s largest vehicle measurement database, supplies the right data reference for the measuring process.

Covering more than 18,000 vehicles, the data service provides reliable access to current measurement data. With immediate up-to-date information about new and updated vehicles accessible via the internet, technicians receive continuous updates from our team, in cooperation with automotive manufacturers around the world.

Features & Benefits


Thousands of vehicle images provided, in addition to detailed vehicle information such as model, body code, wheelbase, year and more

  • LOWER AND UPPER - Vehicle body measuring points for fast diagnosis and repair

  • CLAMPING DATA - Detailed clamping and setup information for each unique vehicle

  • IMMEDIATE UPDATES - Continuous flow of newly released vehicle information via internet

  • SUPPORT EVO™ - Vision2™ X3 contains information on EVO™ 1-2-3 Anchoring and Holding Systems

  • CAR-O-DATA® - Is supplied as a yearly service subscription

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