Tool Boards & Wall Systems

Space-Saving with Flexibility

Innovative Custom Configurations: Tailor your workspace precisely with our wall sections, meticulously crafted for unique configurations to suit your specific spatial requirements. Whether it's optimising floor layouts or maximising vertical storage, our customisable solutions ensure optimal utilisation of space.

Enhanced Flexibility: Experience unparalleled adaptability with our free-standing lower walls, effortlessly movable throughout the shop. This versatility empowers you to adapt your workspace dynamically, facilitating seamless workflow transitions and accommodating evolving operational needs.

Versatile Mobility: Seamlessly transition between work areas with our super easy attachment/detachment system for wall panels and shelves, facilitating fluid movement between walls and tool waggons. This streamlined mobility ensures that your tools are always within reach, regardless of your workspace configuration.

Diverse Storage Options: Choose from a wide selection of shelves available in varying lengths and widths, providing comprehensive storage solutions tailored to your specific needs. This diverse range ensures that every tool and equipment item has its designated place, optimising organisation and accessibility.

Features & Benefits

Organisational Excellence

Elevate your tool storage capabilities with our tool boards, featuring magnetic tool-mats, promoting systematic and easily identifiable tool organisation. With article numbers now printed on the mats, locating the right tool becomes an easy process, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

  • Efficient Silhouettes - Parts silhouettes ensure EVO™ tools are returned to their designated location, aiding in inventory control

  • Optimized Space Usage - Maximize the utilisation of wall or wagon space for efficient tool storage

  • Global Compatibility - Flexible design matches the parts designs of multiple global car manufacturers

  • Quality Construction - Attractive and sturdy construction to securely hold multiple parts

  • Time-Saving Efficiency - Consistent tool storage locations save time by offering an organized and easily accessible setup

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