Software Upgrade

Why Upgrade?

Vision2 is currently the only software that is internet supported. All other Car-O-Liner software versions will only be supported with quarterly DVD updates and offers limited benefits.

Upgrade to Vision2 today and receive:

  • Datasheets as they are available
  • Graphics that make measuring faster and more productive
  • Report tool for customers, insurance companies and OEM’s
  • Access to the Hand Eye App

Upgrade Instructions:

1. Save your current work orders from your current software
2. Download Car-O-Liner Vision2 software
3. Run the Software by following the prompts
4. Open the new Vision 2 program
5. Enter the new upgrade cd key

(call Car-O-Liner Software Support at 800-521-9696 or email for a key)

6. Click next
7. Enter the original cd key
8. Click next
9. Allow the software to update
10. Restore your work orders (Tools Backup)